Nova | Interlock (Battle-Scarred)
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Mil-Spec Grade

Nova | Interlock (Battle-Scarred)

The Nova's rock-bottom price tag makes it a great ambush weapon for a cash-strapped team. A yellow and blue optical illusion hydrographic pattern has been applied. Did you get a good look?
Nova | Interlock (Battle-Scarred)

Community rating: 4.6★

854 Votes

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Community rating: 4.6★

854 Votes
The Nova's rock-bottom price tag makes it a great ambush weapon for a cash-strapped team. A yellow and blue optical illusion hydrographic pattern has been applied. Did you get a good look?

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Chance of dropping

The Nova | Interlock (Battle-Scarred) stands out as one of 6 skins available. With its Mil-Spec Grade rarity status, obtaining the Interlock is a challenge, as it boasts a mere chance of dropping.

Community Rating

The Nova | Interlock (Battle-Scarred) has garnered significant attention with over 854 votes on TRUSTPILOT.COM, achieving an impressive average rating of 4.6.

Where to buy Nova | Interlock (Battle-Scarred)?

The Nova | Interlock (Battle-Scarred) is available for purchase from 3 different marketplaces, ensuring a wide selection for buyers. Key vendors include CSGOTM, DMARKET, BITSKINS. This variety offers flexibility and choice, catering to diverse preferences and needs.


Nova | Interlock is a weapon skin for the Nova shotgun in CS:GO. It boasts a blue and white symmetrically patterned design reminiscent of modern art. This skin belongs to the Horizon Collection and was introduced in August 2018.


Classified as a 'Mil-Spec Grade' skin, Nova | Interlock is fairly common in terms of rarity. However, its unique design differentiates it from most other skins in this grade.


First introduced in August 2018, Nova | Interlock was one of the several new skins that were included in the Horizon Case. It quickly made its mark for its modern, eye-catching design.


Thanks to its unique appearance, Nova | Interlock quickly became popular amongst the players who preferred to use the Nova shotgun or who appreciated its design aesthetic.


This skin is exclusive to the Nova Shotgun.

Unique Features

The main distinguishing feature of Nova | Interlock is its blue and white geometric design that covers the body of the weapon. This pattern gives the skin a modern appearance.


Revealed during the release of the Horizon Case, the Nova | Interlock was part of the new weapon skin additions.


Despite its common rarity, the stylish design of the Nova | Interlock often led it to be mistaken for a skin of a higher grade.

Skin Designer

Designed by .

Technical Features

Nova | Interlock uses a pattern-based finish style, meaning each skin is unique but follows a specified pattern range. This adds a unique variability factor to each skin.

Reviews and Ratings

Nova | Interlock has mostly positive reviews from the community due to its modern geometric design. It stands as a testament to the fact that even 'Mil-Spec Grade' skins can be visually appealing.

Historical Significance

This skin was part of Horizon Case, a historically significant collection in CS:GO, which was known for introducing many aesthetically pleasing skins that offered a fresh perspective on weapon design.

Reasons for Popularity

Its sleek modern design, combined with its affordability due to its 'Mil-Spec Grade' rarity, make it a popular choice amongst CS:GO players, especially those who prefer Nova as their shotgun of choice.

Influential Events

Being part of the Horizon Case played a key role in Nova | Interlock's introduction into the CS:GO community.

Creation Story

The skin was conceived with a desire to give the Nova shotgun a stunning yet affordable skin, which eventually resulted in the vibrant and unique Nova | Interlock.

Symbolism and Design Elements

Nova | Interlock is symbolic of modern art, featuring geometrical patterns that give it a clean, crisp look. Its design is all about the harmony of colors and structure.

Emotional Connection

Many players feel an attachment to Nova | Interlock because of its distinctive taste in design despite being a common skin.

Impact on Community

Nova | Interlock showed players that even 'Mil-Spec Grade' weapon skins could be just as aesthetically pleasing as the rare ones, shifting the community's attention towards design without merely focusing on rarity.

Usage in Esports

While Nova is not the most popular weapon in professional games, when it is used, players are often seen sporting the Nova | Interlock skin.

Player Stories

Countless community stories revolve around this skin, from players getting it as their first Nova skin, to it being unboxed during casual gameplay. It is a skin that has become a staple in many players' inventories.